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In the first issue of what is now known as The Christian Informer Brother Alton Bailey wrote, “This church bulletin, THE INFORMER, has been a long time dream of mine. Its purpose is to keep the congregation informed of present and future events. Lord willing, about the first of each month, we’ll endeavor to have it ready for distribution. If THE INFORMER proves to be beneficial, as time progresses, we plan to improve the quality and appearance of the paper” (July 1980).


What began as a local congregational newsletter, initially called ‘The Informer’, in LaGrange, Georgia by the late Alton B. Bailey, has grown in quality, appearance and popularity. It now reaches homes in 36 States across the country. The paper features a main article, authored primarily, but not limited to, gospel preachers of the church of Christ; other articles come from sound leaders and teachers in local churches of Christ across the United States. The criteria for each article published is that it must be based upon the Word of God, the inspired scriptures, as was delivered by the Apostles (2 Timothy 3:16; 1 Peter 4:11).


The paper version of The Christian Informer also announces gospel meetings, debates, discussions, religious books, tracts and other printed material, death notices of members, and other pertinent information that is beneficial to the reader; however, those items are not listed on this website – only the main article. If you would like to receive the paper version of The Christian Informer free of charge please email with your request. Please include your name and mailing address.


It Is Not Enough                       Cheerleading A Distraction       New School Prayer 


Message & The Messenger      An Empty Cup Means Nothing   Does Jesus Love Us?


Questions From Nigeria          Spiritual Gifts                           What Is In Thine Hand?


The Abortion Business             Knowest That I Love Thee      Heaven


Got Something To Tell You    A Letter From Death Row    Sound The Trumpet


How Important Are You?        Came Together to Break Bread  An Eye Watching You


The Church In Prophecy          Pass The Clippers                Lasting Qulities Of The Kingdom


Sinner As A Deacon?                 Our Guidebook                      When Should A Christian Lie?


The Nature Of God                    Does Jesus Care?                    The Decrees Of God


Making A Better Society            Faithfulness                             Is Christian Unity Possible?


Love Thy Neighbor                    The Gospel                              Who Are The Saved?


If Christ Had Not Come             Modest Apparel Part 1           Modest Apparel Part 2


Naked Truth Saloon                    Worldliness                             Seven Woes


Is Baptism Essential?                    Purposes of Baptism               Forgiving One Another


Holding The Church Hostage     Jim & Ray At School               Waiting On The Lords Table

Not Forsaking The Assembling   Blessing of Church Discipline  Gods Way Is Sufficient


Conversion Part 1            Blessed Are The Peacemakers     Christian View of Homosexuality


 Conversion Part 2                          Conversion Part 3                   Conversion Part 4


Nurture And Admonition             By Grace Ye Are Saved           Change The Lords Supper?


 The Psychic Solution                When Baptism Is Unnecessary   Second Coming of Christ


Divorce and Remarrage                Marks Of Identification          Pillar And Ground Of Truth


Holy Spirit Baptism P2                 The Wall Of Partition              A Tale of Three Cities


According To The Pattern           Baptism Of The Holy Spirit    Are We Keeping  A Record


They Found Not The Body          No Preaching In Heaven         Contending for the Faith


 Controversy Over Baptism         The Name of Christ                 Honor Thy Parents 







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